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I’m a photographer and painter. I’ve always taken pictures – a way for me to not only record a moment, but also capture a unique perspective. In my travels throughout the world, I’ve developed a fascination with the beauty in mundane, everyday scenes. When I paint pastel landscapes, impressions are heavily featured. Acrylic figures, though, are mostly abstract expressions. I use pastel painting on black and white photographs to create a unique product, one that combines the realism of a photograph with the expressionism of painting. The resulting piece can prompt one to look differently at a common scene, consider how fleeting life can seem, or appreciate simple elements of our daily routines. I love to learn about art and painting, and am continually learning.

Pastel on Silver Gelatin Print process:
I start with photographs of landscapes taken from a moving vehicle and create silver gelatin prints in black and white. I gather pastel paint onto my finger, sometimes even blending paints on the finger, and then apply the paint to the print surface using just my fingertips.

This process allows for a variety of application strokes and visual effects which, when combined with the subject of the prints, highlights the constant movement of time in our lives, the dynamic nature of our surroundings, and the beauty that is part of them.

Commissioned Work – "Passport Project"
The photography on canvas triptych, "Passport Project", is the result of a client’s request to create a unique art piece from an old passport and its stamps from a memorable trip. I photographed the passport pages and several personal items from the trip, then creatively designed the images into a collage-type layout printed onto three museum-wrap canvases. The resulting piece not only presents the “wow factor” the client wanted (and highlights her favorite colors), but also serves as a memorial to the many storied parts of her trip.
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